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‍El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras

‍El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras
Triángulo Teatro
The play Don Juan Tenorio was presented by the National School of Dramatic Arts ENAD (partner in Triángulo Teatro) at the international meeting of partners of the Triángulo Teatro project in 2019.
© Centro Cultural de España en Tegucigalpa

Triángulo Teatro is a programme of theatrical performances which revolve around the contemporary interpretation of European dramatic art.

In Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, possibilities to produce performing arts are limited, due to a lack of public funding, limited consumption of cultural products and exhibition spaces, etc., making it difficult for the sector to professionalize and to establish itself as a stable economic sector. Triángulo Teatro aims to respond to these needs with a programme of cross-border creation and mobility of cultural products throughout the region.

Through a public call to theatre companies in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, the partners are collaborating on plays which vary in style and format. The productions are being staged in all three countries to promote cross-border cooperation. Triángulo Teatro also includes a professional development programme for the theatre sector, encompassing a technical training support programme.

Main activities

  • Play selection: An Open Call to directors, producers, groups and theater companies from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala has resulted in five theatre plays to be produced and circulated in the three participating countries.
  • Play production: The production of the theatre plays include studies on the acts of the plays, scenic staging of acts, scene transitions and rehearsals. All productions will be assisted and accompanied by the project partners.
  • Complementary activities: Technical training addressed to the theatre sector in all three countries, including workshops for cultural managers and the performing arts sectors in all three countries through an open call.
  • Theatre circuit: All plays produced under the project will be presented in all three countries, facilitating the cross-border cooperation and the mobility of cultural products and, on the other hand, allowing the public to have a more and easier access to knowledge of culture, through a diverse and quality offer.

The project also offers information about European dramaturgy: links of interest and plays, both in the original language and translated into Spanish.

Triángulo Teatro during Covid-19

The current crisis situation has hampered the production of plays. In order to give visibility to the project and the work of the five selected theatre companies, the project is programming a series of virtual activities to be carried out together with the companies. These activities will focus on how the companies are handling this situation, challenges they face preparing the plays from a distance and their plans and strategies to return to the scenarios.

  • Discussions for and with the performing arts in Central America facing the coronavirus crisis: What projects was the sector working on before the pandemic, what commitments have been made and what immediate changes have they had in recent months.
  • Virtual meetings about theatre in times of quarantine: How to assemble the plays - work processes, texts, characters, production, etc.
  • Theatrical capsules, created at home: Improvisation, introducing the selected plays' characters, and contextualizing them to the current situation.

Jury selection

The selection committee acknowledged a clear and focused project that offers a strong idea of cross-border cultural co-creation. The “Triangulo Teatro” project leverages bottom-up exchange of artistic networks in the three countries into a cultural circuit towards sustainable collaboration synthesis. The selection committee saw how the project may push the theatre productions’ quality and build joint repertoire and capacities of the theatre communities in the three countries through an integrated yet decentralized co-creation model. The project addresses the needs and problems of contemporary theatre production in many places worldwide with a regional collaboration scale model. This approach is a potentially replicable model for many other contexts worldwide. Furthermore, the project was also considered strong for its inherent joint capacity building through cultural exchange, co-production, co-showcasing and co-organizing.

Read more about Triángulo Teatro on the project's website.

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